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Our Planet

Our management and project sites have been conscientiously keeping track of our environmental performance at each of our sites over the past years, namely, our usage of utilities and waste disposals. Such data helps us keep track of our green efforts and the effectiveness of our environmental management system.

For our efforts, we were one of the pioneer recipients of BCA's Green and Gracious (Excellent) Award and were upgraded to the highest Star rating in 2012. 


What sets us apart from other contractors, is that we are able to recognize that as a builder, we contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Rather that trumpeting our green efforts, we voluntarily put into action our commitment to the environment through investing in technology (Mivan formwork, efficient cranes, water-treatment plants, sounds barriers, noise meters), despite the high initial costs they may entail. Using this top-down and proactive approach, we are able to drive the green message through the entire organization.

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